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Cyber Bullying and Teenage Girls

Cyber Bullying and Teenage Girls

boarding schools for troubled teen girlsWhen dealing with cyber bullying and teenage girls, you will notice as a parent that vicious behaviors come from insecurities. Most of these insecurities will generate from an amount of pressure from peers as well as parents. Teenage girls who become uncontrollable in the art of cyber bullying are prone to cause erratic behavior in the future.

What is Cyber Bullying?

Cyber bullying occurs when one threatens, humiliates another through access to technology. This includes the internet, interactive technologies, or through mobile phones. Cyber bullying is only referenced when two or more adolescents are involved. When teenage girls become cyber bullies, the majority rely on blackmail as the source to torment another individual. This could entail sharing an inappropriate photo through mass email, sending messages to phones stating a rumor while school is in session. The consequences of cyber bullying can be life changing for both victim and the bully.

There have been multiple reported suicides of teenage girls who took their lives because of cyber bullying. If your daughter is involved in cyber bullying, you must understand and explain the ramifications to her. Teenage girls can and will receive a charge resulting in juvenile delinquency. If the persecutions are severe and a judge finds reason to try your daughter as a young adult, she could receive a misdemeanor. Teenage girls are often sued for exceeding their authority and violating their free speech right.

Preventing Cyber Bullying

Educating your daughter about the consequences is mandatory and it helps. Teaching them to respect others and to take a stand against bullying of all kinds helps too. The solutions, punishments and responses to cyber-bullying all differ. Just like any wrong-doing of a child’s choice. Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” when cyber-bullying is concerned. But the motives and the nature of cyber-communications, as well as the demographic and profile of a cyber-bully differ, therefore punishment decided swiftly when you, the parent, is aware of your daughters’ activities.

Determining if Your Daughter is the Accused

Typically, teenage girls will not respond honestly when they know they have done something wrong. But if you are positive that your daughter is taking part as a cyber bully, you must take action. You are the parent, therefore, you have the right request passwords for social networking sites, emails, and forums. As much you don’t want to find what you’re searching for, you will, and you will need to be prepared to speak with your daughter immediately. If problems to not sort themselves out and continue to get worse, you must contact someone that can help your daughter return to a better state.

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