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Compassion Safety and Community

Compassion, Care, Safety and Trust

At Re-Creation Retreat we are known for our commitment to provide individualized care to hurting girls and their families by creating an environment filled with compassion, care and trust. Our students receive the individual support and care needed to nurture a sense of safety in community. With 24 hour supervision and 24 hour milieu therapy, our students feel safe and secure in their new environment. At Re-Creation Retreat we believe that real change happens when our young ladies learn the value of a day’s work, experience the power of working in cooperation with others, and learn to develop stronger sense of accountability, respect, and compassion.

Integrity and Safety

Integrity is what we search for and expect from all students as well as staff. Teens have forgotten the standards of respect, honesty, ethics and morality. Through positive peer involvement and professional staff counsel, students learn and return to the highest standards of integrity and accountability.  When students feel the safety to be accountable for their actions, growth closely ensues.


Open Communication is not only welcomed, but is encouraged for all students. Teen girls have a need to communicate and to be heard. Through individual and group counseling, the young ladies at Re-Creation Retreat learn to appropriately communicate and listen. We promote an environment in which the sharing of knowledge, ideas and opinions is expected from every student.


We value the power of teamwork in every facet of life at Re-Creation Retreat. From cleaning their quarters to working the gardens, our students rely on each other for support as well as counsel. With guidance from staff, the young ladies of RCR grow to become the daughter you raised her to be.


We foster a culture in which individuals are treated as individuals and are respected for it. Every young lady has her own special talents and gifts. Through respect of these giftings, our students learn to grow emotionally and learn to respect others for their own individuality.  When teens are out of control one of the main problems they acquire is to disrespect authority.  Through our program our students learn that when you follow under authority, freedom is the outcome.  Respecting authority will be the key to success on campus as well at home.


We naturally demonstrate compassion in all that we do for our students and their families. Showing compassion and meeting our girls right where they are at, facilitates a caring and sharing atmosphere.  When teen girls feel the compassion of others, they learn to trust and communicate in a positive manner.  This leads to trust and growth.