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Choosing an All Girls School

Choosing an All Girls School

shutterstock_80365528 (2)Having a little girl is just the start of the joy and love that will continue to grow as she grows. While they are young and still at home with you thinking about what school to send them to may not have crossed your mind yet. Right now you are teaching them what they need to know, but soon the time to send them off to school will come and having the knowledge to make the right choice for you and your daughter will be vital for her future. It is not uncommon for parents to already have an idea in their mind where their children will attend school. There are always public schools that are open to anyone offering you basic courses in a co-ed setting. Studies have shown that girls and boys learn differently and understanding this essential separation between the sexes can allow you to make a decision about your child’s future from a unique perspective. An all girls school can be a great tool to a young girl and her education. Girls are said to have a different structural setup along with the way their brain functions also varies greatly from males.

Why all girls boarding school is a good fit

Generally speaking girls have a more detailed memory and the capability to store those memories longer. Along with that the differences in the brain also allow girls to have better listening skills. Placing a young lady in a boarding school for girls gives them the advantage they may need to put their learning skills to better use. The education in an all girl school is catered to the female brain. The school has the ability to build upon her strengths and growing her mind in a positive way. The distraction of various strengths between the sexes is obsolete and a non issue when all the focus is placed on the inner workings of the female.

Advantages of boarding schools for girls

girl_holding_report_cardOften times in a co-ed setting girls can take a back seat in more than one way. Sports in co-ed schools are generally catered more towards boys. The biggest sports that are celebrated are typically led by boys while the girls sit on the sidelines and watch or cheer. An all girls boarding school sets itself apart by being able to create a place that is all about celebrating girls and their abilities in whatever sport or activity they decide to do. This minor change allows for girls to be less passive and more outgoing. They are essentially given permission to shine and taught to feel pride in who they are. Whatever sport or activity they choose it is the highlight of the school and they are the star. Within a school like this there is nothing that stands in the way of her excelling in her chosen action plan. She sets herself apart from the rest and being a female is the highlight of her school career.

Girls boarding schools allow for self discovery

Being the center of attention is a natural desire for most girls. When young girls are placed in an all girl school it teaches them that they can literally do and be anything they want. They can learn how to properly be the center of attention without being self centered. Girls become equals to each other and we see a lot less competition over clothes, attitudes and popularity. Just by decreasing these natural occurring instances within a co-ed school you are putting your daughter in a position to focus her personality, mood and general idea of what a girl should be into figuring out who she wants to be. When you remove the distractions of boys from a females school day a lot of time and mental power is moved from worrying about things of the world and placed into focusing on her own personal future. The natural desire to compare herself to those around her depletes because there is no one to show off for except herself.

No gender bias in an all girl school

Mixed messages throughout a co-ed school can be a roadblock for many girls. Growing up and allowing puberty to run its course is a lot for a young lady to take on without the hassles of figuring out where you fit in within the dynamics of a male/female setting. Often times inside schools that have both boys and girls things can get confusing because gender plays such a large role in how people interact. Within a girls boarding school the entire curriculum is based on the female mindset and this includes how students are looked at according to what they “can” and “can’t” do. Each lesson, class, sport, project is put in place with the idea that girls can do it. The mind inside a school like this never approaches a student with a gender bias attitude.

Is an all girl school right for you

Asking yourself if an all girl school is right for you and your daughter can mean a lot of family discussions and contemplating. Weighing the pros and cons between your options will be a first vital step in bringing yourself to a choice that works out best. Taking into consideration the lack of boy/girl distractions that can alter an education is a vital point to bring up. Knowing and learning how the human mind works and where being female can change that will also play a large role in figuring out the best course of action. Research your options and make the decision that fits your child’s needs best.

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