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Boarding Schools For Troubled Teens

Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

boarding schools for troubled teensBoarding schools are one of those concepts not many people think about all the time. Some people will claim it’s unorthodox in this day and age. The idea is too old and needs to be gone. Other people may be surprised to hear boarding schools are still around. We understand the idea is an old one, but boarding schools actually have a lot more purpose than people give them credit for. At Re-Creation Retreat we are focused on helping troubled teen girls through the rough patches in their lives. Our motto is “recreating lives, one girl at a time”. Re-Creation Retreat is a licensed Level III Behavioral Health Agency though the State of Arizona.

Our Focus

boarding schools for troubled teenslWe know for teens the world can be a confusing place at times. During this time of their lives they are usually involved in several social communities. This can be sports groups, friends, youth groups, clubs, etc. In some of these social circles though there can be negative influences. Since in such an important time in their lives teens look to their peers a lot. These negative influences can rub off on them and influence their choices. At Re-Creation Retreat our focus is providing a positive environment for troubled teen girls. At our school they will be able to focus on healing and their studies. We seek to provide a place where they have positive peers who are focused on supporting each other. Our staff and clinical team are also very involved with the program at all times. Help is always available no matter what in order to help your daughter to continue to heal.

Second Chance to Heal & Grow

Our program is about a time of rediscovery, healing, and a retreat from their old self. It’s a chance to recreate their lives and live by proven values in order to bring about fulfillment in their lives. In such a positive environment they can achieve a full restoration of their lives, learn true value, and bring about their personality and heart. Our students are able to re-learn about life, how to live it, and being able to build positive relationships with other people. We are a small residential treatment center for troubled girls. We seek to give them new hope and a second chance at life. We know that on the road of life people can run into roadblocks or setbacks the prevents them from growing as people. At our school we seek to help these girls overcome those setbacks so they can continued to grow. When your daughter comes to our school we treat her as if she were our daughter too. Our therapeutic treatment approach on a theory that is based on intimacy and trust. There has to be absolute trust between our parents and our staff. If the treatment is going to be successful we must partner together in order to help make this change happen. After all, the focus has to be on your daughter and helping her.

Chance to Focus on Themselves

As we said before, the idea of a school for troubled teen girls seems outlandish to many people. The principle of a boarding school is the same though. To focus on helping the student to grow and to achieve greater success. Public and private schools just can’t give students the personal attention they need these days. There is also the issue of outside influences and problems affecting them. This can be problems with the family, romantic entanglement, and other issues. In our school your daughter does not have to worry about these matters. Their focus is completely on what is in front of them. Allowing them to focus on themselves and to rebuilding their own lives. Once they leave they are able to transition very well back to home, school, and society. Here they learn the foundation of a good life. How to have self worth, respect of authority, respect for themselves, and more. The students put in the work in order to make a change in their own lives. We are here to help them make that chance. Once they have the change in their lives is dramatic. They are able to finally have the foundation of good values they need in order to succeed later on in life. The help doesn’t end there though. At Re-Creation Retreat we understand this is a special time in your daughter’s life. It’s the time they spend on education, developing themselves, and finding out who they truly are. Help is also never far away. We understand each student has different educational needs. We are able to help those who learn at a faster pace and offer assistance to those who are slower learners. Our staff are always on hand to help your daughter out and make sure she succeeds. The time of a child’s life when they are in school is a short one. It doesn’t last forever. Schools today don’t have the resources or time to give students the one on one education they need. At Re-Creation Retreat we have up to date teaching materials in order to help your daughter succeed. We also have the resources available in order to help her grown. She will have the foundation necessary in order to succeed when she becomes a young woman. We care deeply about every girls who comes to us. Feel free to browse our site to learn about some of the programs we have to offer.