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Boarding Schools For Teen Girls

Boarding Schools For Teen Girls

teens (2)Today, it’s harder than ever for kids to get a good education. Public and private schools just aren’t giving students the quality education they need. Add in the constant barrage of influences like sports groups, youth groups, friends, family issues, and even romantic entanglement. It’s getting harder and harder for teens to get a high quality education without outside influences distracting them. Some of these influences are negative in nature and can affect the academic performance of the student.

So when we mention a boarding school for girls. People often ask if that’s even necessary in today’s age. The answer is, in some cases, yes. Here at Re-Creation Retreat they can focus on themselves and their education. We offer a host of benefits for your daughter that can help her build a strong foundation to be a successful individual later on in life.

Academic Programs for Troubled Girls

It is no mystery that the years of being a teen can be a confusing time. Now more than ever a teen girl focuses on her friends and the peers around her. The social circles she is involved usually have a heavy influence in her life. These negative influences can also have a big effect on a girl’s academic performance as well. Does your daughter struggled from behavioral and emotional issues? Has she also been experiencing academic and educational deficiencies? In a difficult situations these issues can be related to prolonged academic problems.

girl_holding_report_cardAt Re-Creation Retreat we integrate our therapeutic approach alongside our outstanding academic program to help these young ladies to restore their lives. Re-Creation Retreat is a private year round residential treatment school that is located in North Arizona. We provide therapeutic academic and educational services to girls in grades 6 through 12. We provide girls with a complete academic program and an undergoing therapeutic treatment. We are a fully functioning accredited high school that operates under the guidelines and requirements of the State of Arizona.

We also have an academic online program called Alta Independent that is accredited through the Northwest Accreditation Commission. This academic program is designed to accommodate a small student body of 48 students. We offer academic instruction for grades 6 – 12. We provide one-on-one tutoring that is provided by our certified teachers. When students enroll we conduct a academic evaluation and assessment process. Once this is done our girls are registered for grade appropriate and age courses. Each student has their own academic plan that is maintained with a weekly academic standers. The idea behind this is for students to return home having caught up to their grade and repairing their past poor grades. It’s truly rewarding to see a troubled girl soar once she has restored her academic future.

How We Motivate Troubled Girls to Seek Educational Achievement

All_Girls_SchoolMany people ask how we are able to motivate our students to excel academically. At Re-Creation Retreat we teach our girls accountability and responsibility. Each student is also encouraged to take charge of their own academic program. Once our girls are able to take complete charge of their academic programs. Her hard work is then rewarded in many therapeutic ways in order to help motivate her even more. Our students are more likely to mature emotionally if they can take charge and are able to become self-directed learners like a college student. So focus on this right from day one.

We keep a close eye on each student’s progress on a daily basis. We make weekly adjustments to ensure the pack keeps our student on track toward their academic completion. The majority of our courses are computer based. There are also textbook based courses for students who perform better through the traditional methods of academic education.

Re-Creation Retreat also has a variety of classes in the major academic subject areas. When one of our students completes all of the high school graduation requirements that is set forth by their State’s Department of Education she is rewarded with a high school graduation diploma. We are a fully accredited high school and our diploma and academic credits are honored by any university or college in the United States.

Once a student is enrolled they are interviewed by our Academic Director for their post-secondary education goals. We take into consideration any career plans the student may have as well. For seniors we make the every attempt to make sure they meet their specific application deadlines for scholarships and admissions. For juniors, we assist the students in preparing and registering for their SAT and ACT test. Students with an IEP (Individualized Educational Program) are also evaluated on a case by case basis. So we cover every aspect as much as possible.

We care very much about the success of our students. We want them to succeed in every way. We make sure they have access to one on one tutoring just so we can provide them with the help they need. Our staff and clinical team are highly involved with the program in order to make sure our students succeed. The time in any child’s life when they are involved in education is a short one. We seek to make those years count in every way possible. So they can be prepared to make their own decisions for a successful future.