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Anxiety Disorders in Teen Girls

Our Residential Treatment Center for Girls
Helps Teens with Anxiety Disorders

residential treatment center for girls

About Anxiety

Anxiety Disorder (sometimes called Generalized Anxiety Disorder) can be seen as just mental and emotional, or perhaps include physical symptoms (i.e.: sleeping difficulty, tremendous sweating, rapid pulse rate).   We can help your child who is struggling with the chronic condition of Anxiety Disorder, which is marked by a debilitating level of fear, often accompanied by panic attacks; phobias can be provoked by particular things or situations, and may include social anxiety disorder or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).   Full-blown attacks can feel paralyzing to those who are suffering. 

Getting an early diagnosis and care for Anxiety Disorder is essential, in order to keep the anxiety from escalating to the point of clinical depression, even leading to self-medicating with risky use or other damaging behaviors. 

There might be a combination of therapies that make up your teen’s treatment approach.  Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the more beneficial ones for high-level anxiety.  That therapeutic approach focuses on pointing out thought patterns that can lead to anxiety, and then blocking the damaging behaviors by training for new responses to those triggering events. 

Some children benefit from medication to help in dealing with anxiety, although others find the side effects too difficult to tolerate. 

It is quite difficult for some parents to comprehend the original causes that trigger these responses but early diagnosis and professional help generally allows for Anxiety Disorder to be treated with fairly high rates of success. 

Re-Creation Retreat Helps Teens With Anxiety

residential treatment center for girls

As a residential treatment center for girls, we instill character, integrity, responsibility and accountability, all while giving your struggling teenager the opportunity to achieve a quality education.  Re-Creation Retreat’s family-model lifestyle offers a safe, nurturing environment that encourages teens to build positive relationships with authority figures as well as their peers.  Our professional staff works with students to teach them invaluable life lessons and independent skills that will be beneficial for their future. 

We educate the whole child from a positive worldview, assisting with their spiritual, physical and emotional development.  We believe children should be built up, loved and nurtured with appropriate discipline, and that every student is unique with potential. 

Counseling is provided for teens struggling with behavioral and emotional problems, and they meet with a licensed certified counselor at least once weekly.  Daily group sessions address anger management issues and respect of authority, self-respect, or other relevant issues.  The non-threatening atmosphere of this small group session allows them to learn from each other appropriate ways of managing their respective behavioral difficulties. Local psychiatric monitoring is available for students who require it. 

Students thrive while having the opportunity to advance at their own pace; most often an accelerated pace which boosts self-respect, repairs self-confidence and promotes security for a successful future.  Our program is designed to meet the learning needs of the individual child and each one is rewarded for their efforts. 

So many teens have lost sight of a clear and positive future, but we see so many reach for their highest potential when given the tools and education to do so. Please call our residential treatment center for girls at (385) 414-8865 if you have tried everything, and are ready to see your problem child develop into a successful young adult.