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All Girls School

All Girls Schools

shutterstock_80184268 (2)The idea for an all girls school can seem unusual when you first think about it. What opportunities can your daughter get from a school dedicated to girls versus a public or private school? What benefits does she get from attending? Isn’t the concept of an all girls boarding school outdated? Well, our answers to these questions are longs ones. However, an all girls boarding school has special benefits if your daughter is troubled. We offer a variety of opportunities to help her to grow into a strong young woman. Here is just a look at one of the programs we offer.

Residential Programs for Troubled Girls

troubed-teen We believe that underneath every troubled girl there is a beautiful child who is hurting. Currently, she is struggling with emotional and behavioral issues. But those issues do not define her. Meaning, she is defined by her past poor choices, because she can learn to make new healthy choices. When we meet a student for the first time we look beyond her past negative behaviors and see a young girl who can make new choices. We see a young lady who can transform her life, and we are there to assist. We see your child as being able to overcome the detrimental effects of emotional trauma and self-hurt and emerge as a powerful young lady with renewed hope. Whether your daughter is struggling with an eating disorder, risky use, emotional trauma, or any another emotional or behavioral issue – we believe that your daughter is able to overcome and emerge as an emotionally intelligent girl who is ready for a second chance. Residential treatment for troubled teen girls is designed to serve the adolescent girls who suffer from mild to severe emotional and behavioral issues. Re-Creation Retreat works effectively in helping these troubled girls by presenting them with a solid therapeutic environment that in a community based residential program. The approach is known as “milieu therapeutic” approach. Basically, this means providing a positive peer culture and experiential therapy to help them heal. Positive Peer Culture is one of the best known approaches in order to help troubled teen girls heal.

Concept Behind Re-Creation Retreat

peer teen therapyOne of the best ways to describe the safe environment at Re-Creation Retreat is that here the concepts of “service towards others”, “care”, and “trust” are the norm. Our students feel safe in this environment and are rewarded and encouraged for serving other. All students are respected, accepted, and give the opportunity to practice their newly learned skills by supporting one another. The commitment to this high relational approach to treatment stems from out “strength-based” philosophy. We don’t focus on the bad behavior of the girls. Instead, we focus on their strengths. We also focus on promoting those strengths as well.

Our clinically sophisticated program supports a positive peer culture where the “relationships” are at the core of the healing process. Our clinical team and staff members are highly accessible to the students too. They are involved with every aspect of the student’s program in order to help them along. Our staff are also very well coordinated with each other in order to ensure everything is running smoothly. This excellent communication at Re-Creation Retreat is one of the hallmarks of our program and also vital to our success.

Primary Goal of Re-Creation Retreat

The primary goal at our all girls school is to provide students with a safe environment to heal and grow. We want each student to be able to learn the principles of self motivation, accountability, respect of authority, responsibility, and self respect. Our students are also naturally able to transition back to their communities, homes, and schools with lasting and positive results. The efforts of our amazing staff is focused on achieving the primary goal of the components of our program in order to help these girls heal and succeed. We have made sure to take a holistic approach with our sound program in order to support the child’s change of behavior. They do the work, make the change, and the results are dramatic. We empower each child to regain direction and order in their lives. As well as developing a sens of accomplishment and self-worth. We help students to set down this vital foundation so when they become adults themselves they can make the right decisions for their lives.

We Have the Tools for Success

boarding school for girlsThe tools for success we use to help these students are: order & discipline, therapy, recreation, and community service. Our objective is to help these girls to heal and to change their behavior so they can become better people.

Our program objectives are: community & others, individual improvement, and individual accountability. When we focus on these three key elements we are able to develop a sound program that allows us to be better able to assist the student in developing their vital vocational, social, and academic skills.

They also learn what it’s like to participate in a community and physical activities. We have an organized and deliberate process of Community Service, Education Therapy, and Recreation where each student can learn the benefits of having positive life experiences.

We understand the setbacks of having negative experiences can make it hard to move forward. So the focus is being able to use the building blocks in order to build a strong foundation where the child can succeed not only in the program, but in life as well. Once they leave they are able to transition back to their communities, reunite back into their home, and go back to school with these life skills. Ready for success and being able to be a productive participant of society.

Our staff is consistent int apply these building blocks to the students and helping them to grow as people. We want our students to develop their own strength and self worth so they can become healthy individuals. At such a young age adolescent girls are easily influenced by the peers and social communities they’re involved in. Some of these social communities can have negative influences on the girls as can their peers.

Our goal is to provide them with a safe environment where they are surrounded by positive peers and a good community to grow in. Please feel free to look through our site for more information on what we do. Our goal is help these girls to become strong young women in the future.