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All Girls Boarding School

Why an All Girls Boarding School?

therapeutic boarding schoolThe idea of an all girls boarding school seems so unorthodox in today’s society. People feel it’s an antiquated idea that should be swept under the rug and forgotten. While we do admit the idea of an all girls boarding school can seem old. The values and standards for it have never diminished. In fact, Re-Creation Retreat is built around helping out troubled teen girls as much as possible.

In today’s public schools the education is lackluster at best. Not even private schools can fully give their students the one on one attention they need in order to succeed. At Re-Creation Retreat our focus is our students. We provide them with a distraction-free environment so they can focus on their education. They don’t have to worry about family issues, unhealthy relationships, or bad human relations when they attend here. By the time they graduate they will go on to lead long, happy, productive lives.

The All Girls Boarding School for Troubled Teen Girls

Life has a way of throwing curve balls at anyone. At a certain age the influence of our peers starts to hold a strong sway over us. Everyone wants to fit in and be part of the bigger hole. For teen girls this can lead to negative values from hanging out with the wrong crowds. At anytime teens are involved in several communities at once. Family, friends, youth groups, sports teams, and much more. While each of these communities vary they all have one common factor – your daughter. When one community has negative influences it can affect someone else. When that person is affected by the negative influences they can become negative themselves towards friends, family, and even classmates.

At Re-Creation Creation we seek to provide a safe, happy, and peer friendly community. We do this by providing unique blend of residential therapy, a positive peer culture approach, and combine with traditional therapy. We create a home where young women can have emotional maturity, emotional growth, and emotional intelligence development. When our girls graduate they can return home in order to live a productive lifestyle filled with prosperity and promise.

The Girls Boarding School Helping Young Women Get Out of Dysfunction and Into Prosperity

Here at Re-Creation Retreat we integrate the “community based” understanding we know happens in the real world into our therapy. Community should be about a safe place to learn about our choice and ourselves. For our students this mean there is daily interactions going on between students and staff. It’s the “training ground” for therapeutic intervention to stake place. Students get to experience a half on real life view of important principles and precepts of life.

When people make the decision to live by a higher set of values, and hold ourselves accountable for our choices. We are able to prosper more later in life and have better success. When we learn to positively contribute to friends, organizations, and family we are not only more involved. We are able to find peace and fulfillment.

The Safe Environment for Healing for Girls

In order to heal properly we need to be in a healthy community. At Re-Creation Retreat your daughter will have a healthy and healing environment. It’s a safe environment where our students can prosper, grown, and learn. This means we are all in this together so we will live by a higher set of values and be able to contribute positively to the communities we interact with on a daily basis.

It’s all about the “community” and “team in order to help teach teen girls to understand themselves. Young women need a lot of instruction and coaching when it comes to values. Even more importantly they need a safe place where they can practice these new set of values too. Some of the values we teach at Re-Creation Retreat we each values like compassion, integrity, service towards others, and trustworthiness. We encourage truthfulness since it’s so critical to leading a healthy life. When strong values are not in place it’s impossible to “get healthy.”

When you consider the trouble that is related to adversity and adolescence it can seem impossible to overcome in the long run. This is why we put so much focus on helping young girls to develop a set of values. Why is it so important for teen girls to develop these types of values? The reason is it’s to help them to develop the tools they need later on in life. The time they are have to focus on education doesn’t last forever. At some point in their life they have to venture out into the world to forge their own paths.

At Re-Creation Retreat we help these girls to develop the tools and life skills they need to be successful in life. Our goal is to not only help troubled teen girls, but also to help them reconnect emotionally in a mature manner with other people. We know life can be hard at times. Especially for youth when they experience negative influences in their life.

At Re-Creation Retreat they will have a safe place to grow, learn, and have the quality education they deserve. Our staff provide one on one assistance when needed and requested. We never leave any student behind when it comes to education. We seek to help every young girl who walks through our doors to help them be strong young woman in the future when they walk out.