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Adolescent Girls and Body Image

Adolescent Girls and Body Image

 A common issue that adolescent girls share is body image; they put on makeup, wear slimming cloths, style their hair, and do whatever else they can to make themselves feel pretty and attractive to the opposite sex.

All Girls SchoolAdolescent girls don’t just come up with an idea of what is pretty; magazines, other girls, how boys look at them, all these are factors that drive adolescent girls to become what they know as pretty. Adolescent girls who have eating disorders are suffering from this because they want to be pretty. The underlying issue of eating disorders is body image, and body image is something that has taken years for them to learn. It will take a lot of affirmation and repetition to change adolescent girls view on their body image.

Body image is the main concern for adolescent girls; it gets people’s attention, makes them feel wanted, good enough, and everything else that an adolescent girl is striving to receive. Almost every issue that adolescent girls struggle with can find body image as the underlying issue. Adolescent girls who struggle with body image don’t realize that confidence creates beauty. By attending residential treatment centers or therapeutic boarding schools adolescent girls can find self worth and a proper body image. Adolescent girls who attend residential treatment centers find a confidence in themselves and an inner peace that radiates throughout and reveals beauty.

residential treatment center for girlsAdolescent girls who have poor body image can help build their self image by minimizing the amount of media intake they have and by not allowing their friends exposer influence their view of themselves. The way adolescent girls look on the outside determines who they feel about themselves as a person, and they do whatever they can to feel better on the outside, making them feel worse on the inside. Body image is an issue that almost all adolescent girls struggle with, and by attending residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools adolescent girls can learn to appreciate the way they look and be comfortable in their own skin.

Adolescent girls that struggle with body image also struggle with low self esteem, eating disorders, and negative behaviors that they think make themselves look better on the outside. Society has convinced girls that they are not pretty unless they have the perfect makeup, and are as skinny as models in magazines. Residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools help adolescent girls redefine beauty.

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