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Admissions Process at Re-Creation Retreat

Admissions Process for our Residential Treatment for Troubled Teen Girls

Enrolling your teen girl (ages 13-17) in residential treatment for troubled teen girls can be highly stressful to both the parent and the child. At Re-Creation Retreat, our Admissions Process is easy and therapeutic, and purposely designed to assist, support, and guide you in a therapeutic and healing manner. In most cases, parents work directly with our Admissions Coordinator and front office team.

residential treatment troubled teen girls

We realize the importance of parents receiving personalized support and assistance from the leadership of Re-Creation Retreat. Many details need to be addressed before, during, and after enrollment. The pre-enrollment phase involves assessing the child’s suitability for Re-Creation Retreat. To ensure the highest quality of care it is necessary to assess the status of each girl before enrollment. This assessment will enable the Admissions Coordinator to create the best match between the student’s needs and our therapeutic team.

The staff of Re-Creation Retreat is acutely aware that the actual enrollment process and the post-enrollment period can be a very challenging time for both the parent and child. Every aspect of this transition period is handled with the utmost care, to create an environment for positive change resulting in feelings of hope of a new future for both the parent and the girl.

Pre-Enrollment Assessment Criteria:

Qualifying Criteria (typical issues of our residents)

  • Unsuccessful attempts of outpatient therapeutic intervention or failure to progress in a less intense program
  • Failure to attend or participate in outpatient therapy
  • Abusive or unhealthy relationships (including dating relationships)
  • Ungovernable behavior, lying, and blame-shifting
  • Dangerous non-medical medication and/or substance use
  • Unresolved issues such as; mood disorders, attachment disorders, conduct disorders, and learning disorders
  • Failing in school as a result of non-attendance and/or non-compliance
  • Non-compliance to court orders
  • Self-destructive behavior.


All required Admission Forms are completed prior to your daughter’s arrival. For a complete review of this process please contact Admissions. For information on financing tuition costs, out of network insurance coverage, and financial assistance, please call our Admissions Staff at 385-414-8865.

Transportation to Re-Creation Retreat:

Transporting the adolescent from home to Re-Creation Retreat is a sensitive matter from both emotional and security considerations. There are several alternatives available to the parent, depending on the individual circumstances. If you are worried about transporting your girl, please discuss the options that are available with Admissions.

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