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Academic Program

The goal of the Academic Program at RCR is to establish and reinforce empowering beliefs about the individual student’s capabilities to be academically successful and happy.

“Catch Up, Stay On Track, Get Ahead”


girls residential treatmentThe students at Re-Creation Retreat work toward completing middle school or their high school diploma online via the online accredited school Alta Independent. The students have regularly scheduled classroom time Monday through Friday for 4 hours a day. The students do have other opportunities to work online throughout the week outside of their regularly scheduled time.

In addition to the course work that is completed online, the students at RCR also earn academic credits through our interactive courses. These interactive credits are earned by participating in the appropriate groups and activities which includes completing the required assignments per group/activity. The Leadership, Life Skills, and Personal Development credits are recorded as electives on the student’s official transcripts. Fine Arts and Physical Education credits are recorded as core classes.

Students can earn either 0.5 credit or 1 full credit per course depending on the work completed. The current interactive credits available at RCR are:

  • Leadership– Groups focused on Self Governance and Improvement, social skills, communication skills.
  • Life Skills– Groups focused on personal finance, Awaken the Giant, Success Principles, Goals, Time Management/Productive time/Power hour, Cultural Awareness, Mindfulness
  • Personal Development– 20 writing assignments on the application of concepts learned from the required reading.
  • Fine Arts– Weekly Art Class, Weekly Drama Class, Dance team, Choir, and Creative Writing
  • Physical Education– Exercise 6 days a week. Running, Fitness Class, Yoga, Team Sports/Games, and Seasonal Swim Team.
  • Personal Finance- Money Management, Budgeting & Financial Services, Financial Planning & Personal Finances, Consumer Choices, Credit, Savings & Investments, Career Planning, Income & Taxes, and Insurance & Retirement.

*Additional Interactive Course coming soon*


Students at RCR can pursue completing their GED as an alternative to a high school diploma.

College Credits

Students at RCR can be eligible to pursue online college courses after they graduate high school, or as an AP course for both high school and college credits.

girls residential treatment
Re-Creation Retreat’s academic program is designed to assist teen girls who are in need of grade repair and credit recovery. Typically, girls who struggle with emotional and behavioral issues also experience academic and educational deficiencies that compound an already difficult situation. Sometimes the “acting out behavior” of a struggling girl is directly related to ongoing and prolonged academic problems. Therefore, we integrate our therapeutic approach with an outstanding academic program to help young ladies restore their lives to wholeness, both emotionally and academically.

girls residential treatmentAre you experiencing family conflict in the home due to your daughter’s academic problems? Has your daughter recently changed to a negative peer group? Is she isolating herself from the family and focusing an excessive amount of time on the computer or phone (social media)? Most importantly, is she struggling or failing academically? Are there academic issues that are causing low self-esteem, depression, or anxiety? Is your struggling daughter bright, but underachieving? Has there been experimentation or life-controlling issues? We have an integrated therapeutic and academic restoration program that really works. We change lives through academic and educational restoration.

At Re-Creation Retreat, first and foremost is your daughter’s emotional safety. Our academic programs are designed to support students therapeutically by providing a safe learning environment. In a safe setting, girls tend to excel academically (as long as the distractions are reduced). With academic success comes an improvement in their self-esteem, self-image, and self-worth.

Re-Creation Retreat Provides an Individualized Academic Program

California therapeutic boarding schoolsWe are a private year-round residential treatment school located in Northern Arizona, where we provide specialized therapeutic educational and academic services to girls in grades 8 through 12. Our goal is to provide girls with a complete academic program while undergoing therapeutic treatment. Using the services provided through Alta Independent (Accreditation) which is accredited through AdvancED.

therapeutic boarding schoolsOur academic program is designed for a small student body of up to 40 students, offering academic instruction for grades 8 – 12. Our academic program is based on an online independent study philosophy with one-on-one tutoring support provided by certified teachers. Upon enrollment, we conduct a thorough academic assessment and evaluation process.

At Re-Creation Retreat, we maintain a minimum weekly academic standard determined by each student’s individual academic plan. The idea is to have our students return home having caught up with their grades. It is totally amazing to watch a struggling girl soar after restoring her academic future.

Motivating Girls through Educational Achievement

girls residential treatment

How do we motivate our students to excel academically? We teach choice and control along with accountability, therefore each student is encouraged to take charge of her own academic program. Our girls are able to take complete charge (just like a motivated college student) of her academic programs. Her hard work is rewarded in countless therapeutic ways. We know that our students are more likely to grow emotionally if they take charge and become self-directed learners; so we focus on this end in mind from day one.

At Re-Creation Retreat we closely monitor each student’s progress. We make weekly assessments to encourage that the pace keeps the student on track toward academic completion. Most of our courses are computer-based. We also have textbook-based courses for students who perform better through the traditional methods.

girls residential treatment

We have a full academic spectrum of classes in all major academic subject areas. When a student has completed all of the high school graduation requirements, she is awarded a high school graduation diploma. As mentioned previously, since Alta is a fully accredited high school, therefore our diploma and academic credits are honored at any college or university in the United States.

Upon enrollment, our students are interviewed by the Academic Coordinator as it pertains to their post-secondary education goals. We also take into consideration any career plans they might have. For seniors, we make every attempt to meet specific application deadlines both for admissions and scholarships. For juniors, we assist students in registering and preparing for the ACT or SAT tests. Students with an IEP (Individualized Educational Program) are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.