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Residential Treatment Program for Girls

Residential Treatment Program for GirlsRe-Creation Retreat is a private residential treatment program and school for troubled girls between the ages of 13 and 17 who are experiencing problems within their homes, schools, or community, as well as girls experiencing difficulties with emotional, behavioral, or risky use issues. Re-Creation maintains a staff of fully trained and licensed professionals to meet the educational and therapeutic needs of each resident.

Our Location

Re-Creation Retreat is located in Fredonia, Arizona. Fredonia is in Northern Arizona and is only 5 miles from the southern state line of Utah and the town of Kanab. Fredonia is centrally located between the National Parks of the Grand, Zions, and Bryce Canyon commonly referred to as “Color Country”. Residential Treatment Program for GirlsThe facility is owner-run and owner-operated. Student activities are supervised and monitored 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Student stays are typically 9 to 12 months and vary according to each student’s needs and their response to treatment. Each student participates in a comprehensive program that emphasizes Individual Improvement, Accountability, and Service. Our program focuses on Education, Therapy, Recreation, and Community Service as the primary tools for accomplishing our program objectives.

Ready to Emerge Triumphantly – Programs for Girls

Our school for troubled girls believes that underneath every teen there is a beautiful child who is hurting. Currently, she is struggling with emotional and behavioral issues. But those issues do not define her. Your daughter is not defined by her past poor choices because she can learn to make new healthy choices. When we meet a student for the first time we look beyond her past negative behaviors and see a young girl who can make new choices. We see a young lady who can transform her life, and we are there to assist. We see your child as being able to overcome the detrimental effects of emotional trauma and self-hurt and emerge as a powerful young lady with renewed hope. Whether your daughter is struggling with an eating disorder, risky use, emotional trauma, or any other emotional or behavioral issue – we believe that your daughter can overcome and emerge as an emotionally intelligent girl who is ready for a second chance.Residential Treatment Program for Girls When a child arrives at Re-Creation Retreat we realize that there is a lot of work to do… she needs to walk through a difficult journey of self-discovery. We must equip her with new tools, show her love to restore wholeness and affirm her abilities. From day one, we work towards reuniting her with family or preparing her for independent adulthood.

Personalized Therapeutic Approach, Tailored Solutions, Residential Treatment Program for Girls

We know from many years of experience that struggling girls with difficult emotional and behavioral issues (trauma) do not all respond to the same therapeutic approach. Therefore, we tailor our therapeutic approach to meet the unique needs of each student. At Re-Creation Retreat every girl receives the care that works best for her and her specific therapeutic needs. Experience has taught us that most brilliant clinical approach to treatment do not work unless the clinician has genuine concern (and plenty of time) for the student. We are effective because we come from a position of genuine “heart” concern, deep compassion, and a belief in hope.

…At Re-Creation Retreat we are focused on families. The family approach works…

The Re-Creation Family – Residential Treatment

When you enroll your daughter at Re-Creation Retreat, your family becomes a part of ours. To our families we model what is expected from both the parents and their daughter. We promote an attitude of respect, unconditional love, a sense of belonging, and support aimed at healing.

By embracing you and your daughter with the love and care of an invested family member, we become the catalyst for healing your family…

Re-Creation Retreat is known as a leader in family-based treatment of adolescent girls. We provide a commonsense approach to family therapy, utilizing an unique type of “family systems approach”. Troubled young women need a safe therapeutic environment in order to develop new positive decision-making tools. We work hard to create an environment where all participants (both staff and students) operate by the following proven values: care, compassion, service, trust. With a positive milieu founded on values, are students are able to experientially practice everything we teach and “experience” the success on their own merit. Our positive environment sends the message, “you are able, and you can do it.” Unlike programs that attempt to control the change process externally, our positive values program leads our students through real life experience; they experience internal changes that last a lifetime. When students graduate from our therapeutic program they take all the powerful changes with them, because the changes are internal and real. During her stay with us your daughter’s world is based on of numerous positive relationships; students, staff, teachers, therapists, etc. At Re-Creation Retreat we have created a positive growing environment where all these relationships are supportive in nature. This is what makes us unique. New students who come in to our program feel and sense the genuine love and concern that exists here. Each  new girl quickly adapts and becomes part of something positive and uplifting. Our positive values-based environment is contagious.