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A Different Kind of Boarding School for Troubled Teen Girls

A Different Kind of Boarding School for Troubled Teen Girls

therapyRe-Creation Retreat is a different kind of boarding school for troubled teen girls than you are probably familiar with. Our unique approach is simple: provide each girl with plenty of one-on-one therapeutic support. We are able to do this because we keep our program small, and our professional staff understands the unique way girls learn and respond to their surroundings. For the troubled teen girls that come to our facility, this approach makes all the difference in the world.

The second way our boarding school is different is our use of Community-Based Treatment. We foster a positive peer culture that encourages positive relationships that succeed in a positive environment. The girls at Re-Creation Retreat respond well to behavior modification and therapy combined with this positive peer culture for long-lasting results.

Our Residential Treatment for Girls in Works with Girls

Girls are unique in the way they learn and the way they react to their surroundings and to each other. They are “relational,” and that is why our program works so well. Our relationship-based program is highly effective in helping troubled girls get beyond their obstacles. As each girl goes through our troubled girls boarding school, she comes to realize her ability to give back to the community in a positive way.

The positive peer culture becomes her support, and without even realizing it, it becomes naturally therapeutic for her. At Re-Creation Retreat, we strive to encourage positive growth by allowing the girls who have overcome their issues to “give back.” They do this by taking a new student who has just come to our troubled girls school under their wing to guide her along the program with support, respect and love.

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We believe our positive peer approach not only encourages the maturity and growth of new girls coming into our boot camp for troubled teens, but it also strengthens the values of the older student. This program of coaching and supporting one another is about reinforcing acceptance and understanding of others and compassion.

Opportunities at Schools for Troubled Teens

At Re-Creation Retreat we reinvent the girls from the inside out. We want each girl to have a true-heart change that lasts a lifetime. It is the girls that do all the hard work. They invest time and effort into themselves and into others, and in return, they receive a renewed hope and drive that readies them for life on any terms. Girls come out of Re-Creation Retreat mentally strong and capable of handling adversity.

Re-Creation Retreat offers one of the most successful therapy programs for troubled teen girls you will find anywhere. While in this boarding school, students achieve personal growth, both emotionally and intelligently. They mature on all levels, and once graduated from our institution, are ready to return home to lead a healthy, productive life filled with happiness and promise.

Why Residential Community-Based Therapy Works

In the normal world, teens interact with each other in a community-based system: friends, school, family, sports, youth groups and other types of relationship-based activities. We believe that by staying true to teens’ normal way of life, but in a positive way, we can effectively reach them and help them overcome the issues that hold them back. Any one of the community-based systems in a girl’s life can either help or hurt her. Since these types of systems are not going anywhere anytime soon, it is best for troubled teens to learn how to successfully navigate them in a positive way. It is all about making the right choices that positively enhance her life, and that is what each girl learns at Re-Creation Retreat.

Academic Programs

Re-Creation Retreat offers high-quality education to its students. In many cases, when girls come to our facility, they usually have less-then-stellar grades and a negative outlook to go with them. Unfortunately, emotional struggles often equate to academic struggles as well. Because of this, Re-Creation Retreat combines therapeutic support and superior academic support to help young troubled girls overcome both their emotional and their academic issues. Re-Creation Retreat strives to ensure each girl’s emotional security first and foremost. Our academic programs support their therapeutic growth by providing a safe learning environment that encourages students to excel and reach for more. With success in academics comes improvement in self-esteem and self-worth.

Re-Creation Retreat – A Year-Round Boarding School for Troubled Teen Girls

Re-Creation Retreat is a year-round boarding school for troubled teen girls in Arizona that offers services to girls between sixth and twelfth grades. Our program provides therapeutic services as well as academic services to help troubled girls find a better way in life. Our facility is a fully accredited high school that caters to a small student body of only 48 students at a time. This enables us to fully meet the individual needs of each and every girl. If you would like more information on our outstanding boarding school for troubled teen girls, please call (385) 414-8865. Our expert admissions staff is on hand to answer all your questions and help you get your daughter back on track.