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An All-Girl Dual Diagnosis Treatment Facility

Re-Creation Retreat is a non-denominational residential center for troubled girls ages 13-17. Our program is up to 50% less costly than most therapeutic boarding schools offering girls a journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment.

We help girls overcome and emerge from troubling behavior as emotionally intelligent and self-confident individuals who are ready for a second chance. We lead them to a deeper understanding of their worth, their strengths, and the principles of success in life. We focus on Principle-Based lessons of Choice, Accountability, and Control.

All Girl Dual Diagnosis

In our Equine Therapy program, we harness the unique connection between girls and horses...

Recreation Therapy, "Outings" that will translate into the girls' everyday lives upon returning home...

Affordable & Intensive, Professional Therapy

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    Help Your Teen
    Achieve Principle-Based Living

    Affordable & Intensive, Professional Therapy

    Our Treatment Facility

    Therapeutic Milieu

    We offer an outstanding and affordable inpatient therapeutic program with a unique and holistic therapeutic approach that includes Individual, Group, and Family therapies.

    Academic Repair

    Our academic program is designed to assist teen girls who need academic repair and recovery. Typically, girls who struggle with emotional issues also have academic issues.

    Enroll Your Girl

    Our admissions process is easy and therapeutic, and purposely designed to assist, support, and guide you in a therapeutic and healing manner.


    Randy Soderquist,

    Owner & Founder of Re-Creation Retreat and
    Principle-Based Living

    Your teen daughter’s thoughts and beliefs determine or drive her behavior. If her beliefs, knowledge and understanding are inaccurate or false, she will behave in accordance with what she knows and believes and she will end up with outcomes that we don’t want (unhappiness).

    It is important that her knowledge and beliefs are based on truth or principles and as her behaviors aligns with truth, she will achieve the outcomes that she desires (happiness).

    We Work With Insurance Carriers That Provide an Out Of Network Benefit

    Re-Creation Retreat is an affordable therapeutic boarding school for struggling girls. It is well known for its commitment to providing individualized and personalized care to girls that have led to self-destructive behaviors.

    RCR does not work with Medicaid.

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    Enrollment is Easy

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    Treatment and 24/7 care are provided by our licensed professionals who are experts in dealing with trauma and other childhood disorders or events that can affect girls when they become adolescents. Our team builds in each girl a foundation of universal principles, that once applied, lead to success in their lives. Our program is truly unique, set apart from the traditional therapeutic boarding schools for girls. Contact us to learn how we can help your daughter.

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